Staff Orientation

Welcome to Sun Bright. This will help you get familiar with Sun Bright. Feel free to ask the Director or Poonam any questions you may have. This intra site is available to you at any time at the center.

Vision and Mission Statement of Sun Bright – PDF
Staff Orientation Checklist & Sign off– PDF-Print a copy to follow and Signing off
How to open a Combination Lock – for locker – Print if needed
Staff Supplies Kit – Check List – PDF-Print
Staff Handbook– PDF

Staff Policies and Training recordings.

These policies are read verbatim. These will help you get familiar and enjoy working at Sun Bright. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. View these videos

  1. Dress Code – PDF only
  2. Clock in and Out – PDF only
  3. Shaken Baby Policy video – PDF for Print
  4. Vision and Dental Policy video
  5. Supervision of Children video
  6. Sick Leave Policy Video
  7. Sun Bright Covid 19 Policy Video- PDF for Print
  8. Sun Bright Daily Cleaning ChecklistPDF for Print
  9. Substance Abuse Control Policy video
  10. Social Networking video
  11. Outside Employment video
  12. Non Fraternization video
  13. Mail and Cell Phone Policy video
  14. Licensing Authority video
  15. Fraud Lying and or Falsification of Documents video
  16. Discounted Tuition for Children of Staff video
  17. Confidentiality Agreement video
  18. Child Staff Ratio- Policy